Monday, January 29, 2007

About my "Blurb" Book
I made this “Blurb” book in January after learning about the Blurb company from my brother who gave me a Blurb photo books for Christmas . Blurb is an e-company that creates and prints books one at a time. At the Blurb web site there is software to download to allow the user to set up the pictures and words on each page. Then the book file is uploaded to Blurb. There is an option of softbound or hard cover. The book I created is a 300 page hard cover book with full color pictures on each page, it cost me $60. (Prices vary per number of pages.) For me, this was a good buy. I was able to have full color 8x10 inch pages for what ended up being about 20 cents a page. I couldn’t have printed the pictures myself and put them in a photo album for that price.

I put many of my digital drawings from the past 6 years in the book. Although my style varies ( all over the place), the software allows the user to work on a two page spread at a time. I could be sure that the two digital drawings I put on any two open pages worked well with each other.

I have no financial connection with Blurb, I am posting this because I’m sure that there are other artists that have digital photos of their work that would find this a very nice way to save and display a copy of their art. The Blurb web site is:

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Layers for Inspire me Thursday - Inspired by the Sumi-e art of Toko Shinoda and also the look of uric acid crystals under a microscope.